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Mark Parkinson - Business Psychologist

To cut straight to the chase:

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I am a Business Psychologist specialising in executive assessment, selection and development. In particular the identification of individual talent, entrepreneurial flair and leadership potential.

I am also known for creating innovative, engaging, and sometimes surprising (in a good way) psychometric tests, surveys and questionnaires.

Smart science

What psychology brings to business is a scientific way of spotting the best and getting them to perform. It lets you unravel the complexities of behaviour and differentiate what you do through your people.

So just like using an accountant for financial matters, you can benefit from expert advice when dealing with the much trickier human side of things.

Talent matters

Spotting and developing star performers can have a radical impact on overall productivity. McKinsey & Company famously reporting that they generate an extra 67% compared to their average performing colleagues - indeed it's now thought to be 100%!

This means you need to concentrate on identifying, retaining and developing top talent as these are the people who will make the big difference. It's this focus on helping high potential people to contribute and achieve more that's at the heart of what business psychologists do.

So what next? To find out how the right know-how can help your organisation, click on the links above. To email go to Contact, or if you prefer you can download a Brochure.

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